Ways to Order a Steak at a Steakhouse

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One of the most customizable and versatile meat options available is steak. Steakhouses or even high-end restaurant can serve custom-made steaks to satisfy the palette of all meat-lovers, with so many doneness levels and cut types to choose from. Though various cuts of steak provide various textures and flavors, your steak’s doneness level determines the color, temperature, texture, and flavor of your steak. 

Here are a couple of ways to order a steak at a steakhouse Nouvelle-Calédonie. 

How Would You Like Your Steak Cooked? 

Whenever you visit a steakhouse, most of them will ask you how well you like your steak cooked after you order. While a lot of individuals confidently answer this question, some have a tendency to be unsure what steak doneness level complements their preference for texture and color. The truth is that this happens every single time at any steakhouse.  

Well Done 

Well done steak is a fully cooked steak throughout. It does not have a hint of pink. Also, this is the hardest way to cook a steak. The reason for this is that it should be browned through without burning the exterior part of the meat. But, high-end steakhouses typically have perfected methods that result in a perfectly well-done steak every time.  

Medium Well 

For individuals that don’t want any color in their meat, medium well is the ideal option. However, it might contain a bit of pinkish shade at the center. This level of doneness is stiff and are covered with a dark brown and charred crust.  


This level of doneness is the middle between well-done and rare. It’s the preferred option for people who like a bit of color in their steak. Typically, medium steak has 25% color at the center. The rest of the steak is well charred to a rich brown. The steak is firm to the touch, though it does contain a bit of spongy texture at its center.  

Medium Rare 

A medium-rare is the ideal choice for steak lovers who prefer a rare center with the thickest brown crust. The internal temperature of this steak is around 135 to 145 degrees Fahrenheit. Thus, it is warm throughout. The exterior part of the meat is well-browned and firm though the interior part is 50% soft and red.  


This level of doneness is cooked a little longer compared to a blue rare steak. However, the center part of the meat still has 75% red. The center is still cool, around 85 up to 98 degrees Fahrenheit.  

Blue Rare 

This is probably the coldest steak you can get. It is warm, browned, and seasoned just on the outside. The middle is bright red. A blue steak is cooked for an extremely short period and is soft to the touch.  


The steak will feel soft and squishy in its uncooked and raw form. The fat that surrounds the meat will be hard. The meat will become firmer and the fat will soften and shrink as the steak is cooked in the grill.  

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